47: Calendar

It would seem silly in 2021 to buy a calendar when our 2020 calendars barely got used, but I did still buy a desk calendar, even though my desk is in my living room.

I also bought a 2021 planner, because the Passion Planner has a monthly recap that I enjoy writing, even if most months I tell myself that I need to eat a little more healthy, and that I’m thankful for my family and friends. Anyways, back to the daily calendar. A couple years ago I bought the Unspirational daily calendar. Each day had a funny saying, and I got a little chuckle. Midway through the year I started writing a quick prayer on the back before throwing the page away.

Last year I bought a Disney daily calendar, and most days I wrote a prayer and there were some days that instead of writing, I saved the picture. My plan is to staple them together so Johnny can look through the photos like a book.

This year I chose the “Punny Day” calendar, and it is proving to be a great choice! I find a lot of satisfaction to writing what is on my heart on the back of the page each day, and seeing what the new day will bring from a pun perspective.

I also am keeping up my journaling, which is also where I organize my thoughts and plans and goals.

How do you organize your time? Do you make any daily notes to yourself?

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  1. I love the punny calendar! I order a photo wall calendar for my MIL and us every year. Besides that I have a bullet journal I use. I want to get a different planner for 2022 but for now my bullet journal works since I am not planning all that much! One of the gifts I got when Will was born was a journal to track the best, worst and what I’m grateful for every day. I’m not great at doing it every day but you fill in the date for the entry so it’s not obvious that I am missing days! My grateful doesn’t change much either. Most days in January it was the mild weather!

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