48: Unknown

Well, nothing like posting on Thursday, when I aim for Sunday….and while I am usually an early person, not this week. The weekend was a bit rough for me, and it has taken me until today to start feeling like I’m getting on track.

January is thankfully over. The month wasn’t all that bad, but I also tried to open my calendar to see what was good and….. eh? I snowshoed, walked, and finally rode my bike with the indoor trainer while taking the the Peloton 30 min Lizzo ride. It was a great intro the app, and my bike is set up at Jeff’s house, so one days when I don’t visit over there, I’ll hopefully check out the other workouts they have.

I am tired of facetime/zoom/video, I know we aren’t going back to the way things were, but the unknown of this year is weighing on me lately. It doesn’t help that I have a few family members with health concerns that won’t be solved by the vaccine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the vaccine to roll out, but I don’t have faith that it will clear up every issue that has arisen in the last year.

So my post this week isn’t the best. But every week can’t be a good week. And it wasn’t all bad, just some stress like life can have. I’m definitely not looking forward to the cold weather this weekend, but I am thankful for all that I have.

How was your first month of 2021?

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  1. This January was better than most because the weather was mild. Getting outside more often than usual really helped. But it was still a tough month as Will was up a lot so I didn’t get as much sleep as I would like. I am dreading this cold snap. This is my least favorite weather. Give me anything besides super below 0 temps and highs in the single digits. 😦 Hopefully it warms up soon. I was really loving my outdoor walks but I need the temps to be at least 10-15 to do that with a baby!

    I am excited for the vaccine but agree it won’t solve everything and masks and social distancing needs to keep happening. I just can’t wait for my parents to be vaccinated so we can see them. With our son in daycare we haven’t been seeing them but once they are vaccinated I will feel comfortable going to the lake again but probably only when it’s just us there.

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