50: Slow

On Saturday afternoon I knew I hadn’t written a blog post for Sunday morning. I thought maybe I’d get to it Sunday afternoon, or Monday, and by Tuesday it still wasn’t written, and there was an anxiety like feeling with the inauguration coming, so I didn’t feel like writing.

But it seems that the inauguration went on today safely, which I hope continues through the night. I’m seeing so many memes of excellent coats and Bernie sitting in his jacket that I’m not sure I would see actual news if I tried looking for it.

Last week I spent a few days in Aitkin, which always fills my soul. In the last year I’ve been sneaking up more and not telling anyone, mainly because with Covid, what’s the point of knowing I’m in town, if we aren’t going to hang out anyways. But also because when I’m home I want to be with my family.

I took this photo with no filter, from my brother’s bedroom window, and while usually I’m sharing photos of my bedroom because it includes the lake, I actually found this view prettier that evening.

Have you been going slow lately? Or are you full steam ahead into 2021?


  1. That picture is beautiful! I am glad you were able to go home! I can’t wait for my parents to be vaccinated so we can get up to the lake to see my parents. That’s the major downside of having a young kid who is in daycare. It’s just not safe for us to see parents like it is for you!

    I am so relieved the inauguration went smoothly yesterday. I was glued to the tv and loved everything I saw! It was a breath of fresh air!

  2. I’m so glad that you have been able to see your family. The picture is just beautiful – it looks like a very peaceful and quiet place to live. I am a bit envious, as I prefer rural life but need to live in a medium-sized city for my job. And unfortunately, no windfall of money has landed in my lap that would let me purchase a country home. Ha!

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