51: Get Out

I am loving the frost this year! I’m sure it is due to global warming, but it sure is pretty! I have been getting a decent dose of outside time each day, and it is probably my favorite time of each day. I haven’t actually put my bike on the indoor trainer yet, but I’m sure eventually there is going to be weather that I can’t convince myself to go walk in. But I have the bike as a fall back for when that day comes.

I intended this week to write about how its time for some politicians to “get out” of office, and let the new year truly being. But the reality is, talking politics is just not my thing. Others have the confidence in their convictions, but I do not. Things change, and I don’t consider myself educated enough to convince others to believe what I believe.

So please don’t think that I am ignoring what is going on in the world, I see it, I have feelings about it, but I am choosing to keep this space separate from that.

Until next week, I’ll be getting my 45ish minutes outside each day, and hoping for a better 2021, maybe once January is over?


  1. I don’t talk much about politics on my blog either. I don’t like engaging in political debates with people I don’t know super well and things can get out of hand over email/comment sections. I did comment on a friend’s IG post about the craziness of the week and said it was a shameful week for our country and some stranger commented and attacked me and brought up this summer’s protests/destruction. It’s times like that that I want to be done with social media. I chose not to respond but the original poster responded. I feel like social media has played a huge part in the rise of Trump and success of disinformation campaigns so I often think I should be boycotting social media…

    On a positive note, I am loving this weather! I’ve been taking daily walks with Will in the carrier and we’ve been sledding on the weekend with Paul. I hope it stays mild but know we are probably in for some bitterly cold weather eventually!!

  2. I have loved the frost too, although I could certainly do with some sunshine. I think it’s been weeks now! I just posted something related to politics on my blog today – but more because I am feeling frozen and unable to respond. I’m still so anxious and terrified that I can’t find words – and then I know they will not be eloquent or insightful, so I wonder, why bother? I like that you acknowledge how it’s affecting you, but you’re not planning to write about it here. This is your space – write about what YOU want to write about!

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