52: Blue Skies

Hello New Year! In an effort for transparency, I am typing this before New Years, because I am rarely on my computer on the weekends.

On Christmas Eve I was able to run around outside on the lake, and while it was cold, the bright sky was so nice. It seems like lately we have had a lot of overcast days, so whenever the sun is out, I am happy.

In September I finally took my company up on their fitbit offer, and have been wearing the watch and using the technology to increase my activity. From a health and wellness perspective, there is quite a bit of work I could be doing in the nutrition department, but I will say that getting outside even when it is cold out invigorates me and helps me reset after working from home.

I have no idea where 2021 will take me. There are things I would like to happen, there are things I hope will happen, and some things that I think might happen, even if I don’t want them to.

So whatever these next 52 weeks bring, I hope there are some blue skies and sunshine, even if it is cold and the wind blows some of those weeks.

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  1. I have a Fitbit and love it! I find it really motivating. Plus I love the sleep data, although it was depressing during Will’s first month of life to see how little I was sleeping!

    I am glad the weather has been so mild lately. It makes a huge difference to get outside and this weather is nice enough for me to go out with Will in the carrier!

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