1: Match

As 2020 closes and we start preparing for a new year, I would usually be prepping resolutions and goals. But things aren’t quite the same this year. I am so thankful for my friend who helped me move the blog back to wordpress.com because it meant I was no longer throwing a couple hundred dollars onto the internet each year. I don’t write as often as I used to, and my posts aren’t directed to specific content anymore, and my blog readers has shrunk. But I don’t mind. Eventually this space might be turned off, or I might start a family blog to document pictures….that is obviously years away. I refinanced my house this fall, and yes, the single woman box was checked. (That was one of the best story lines of Sex and the City, and a story line that I would like to see played out more on tv).

But I actually opened wordpress today with the intention of talking about my relationship. Jeff and I have been dating for almost a year and a half. We have met each other’s immediate families and have shared some holidays together. We didn’t meet on match, but rather on Tinder. And for those who haven’t online dated much…every app is a little different, there are gross people on every single app. So you can spare me the “isn’t that a hook up app?” Because any app can be a hook up app, if that is what you want. Thankfully it wasn’t what either of us wanted.

For 2021 I hope things are a little brighter, I hope things are a little lighter. I hope there is more respect for peoples differences and we are able to celebrate good things together.

I don’t blame the struggles of 2020 on one person, and I don’t believe one person will be responsible for the good things that I hope to come in 2021.

But I am thankful that 2019 introduced me to Jeff, and that we dated through the craziness of 2020 (including my surprise gallbladder removal) and I look forward to whatever 2021 brings.

What are your hopes for 2021?


  1. I Know someone else who met her husband through tinder! Those aps are what you make of them. I am glad that Jeff came into your life. This year in particular was easier and less lonely to navigate with a partner by your side.

    For 2021, I hope I can get vaccinated in the first half. I hope we can go to the lake as often as we normally would (which requires all there to be vaccinated because Paul won’t be and will still be a potential source of Covid). And I hope I am getting more sleep by the time I go back to work in late April!!

  2. Congrats on a semi-successful 2020. I know that there were many bad things that happened in 2020 but I am choosing to focus on the positives and it sounds like you’re choosing to do the same. I do hope that in 2021 I will get a chance to see you again. I would love to share a coffee and a mall walk again. Its been too long. Do you and Jeff plan to look at places to live in together in 2021?

  3. Just a lurker here, saying hi, and that I’m glad you found your person in such a tumultuous year. I met my husband on one of the older online dating sites. We’re coming up on 17 years together, and 15 married, so I guess the apps get it right some of the time! I hope you have a wonderful 2021, and I second all of your hopes and wishes for the upcoming year.

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