2: Christmas

Technically I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday, so I’m not quite in the complete holiday spirit yet.. But it is coming! Like most people we have changed some of our traditions to be a bit safer this Christmas. I will miss the people I usually see but won’t, and look forward to when we can gather together again.

I’m actually pre-typing this week’s post and next week’s post so that I can step away from the screen a bit, and do my own reflections on life. I used to send myself regular Future Me emails, but those have slowed down a bit as of late.

I didn’t go to Duluth/Bentleyville this year, and I didn’t buy the State Fair light ticket, so my Christmas light viewing has been minimal.

My extended family cancelled our gift exchange this year, but will be trying out a new gift option to see if it works better/just as well. I struggled to find a gift for Johnny this year, but randomly found Barney bracelets (similar to the livestrong bracelet) on Amazon, and while we shouldn’t shop there, no small business was going to have that product.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, even if it looks different than usual, especially if it is harder than you hoped, and that you are able to find a bit of light in all the dark.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I bet the Barney bracelets are going to be a hit! I try to shop small but will admit I use amazon and target a lot still because of convenience… I need to work on using them less but it’s so hard not to! I don’t really feel in the christmas spirit but hope I do by the time Christmas roles around. Just odd to not be seeing family or going to Christmas mass!

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