3: Free

Hello from my Friday half day. I am doing a hopefully final post office trip, a long walk, and some time cleaning up my digital footprint. Yesterday I cleaned out 2 of my 3 email inboxes. Yet to be completed is my picture clean-up. Last year I tried to delete the duplicates out of iphoto on my laptop, but it is a mountain I just can’t quite scale.

I went for a walk yesterday even though I was certain I was going to have a rest day. I could run today, but my body isn’t quite in the mood for that. And I haven’t decided on my walk location yet (story of my current life) but I did slowly figure out my meal options… In the past I’ve used my time off in December to try restaurants for lunch that I normally don’t attempt due to the crowds/popularity. However I have plenty of food in my fridge/freezer, so I’m saving the dining out option for next weekend.

I am in complete denial that this is the 3rd to last post of 2020. I have no idea what 2021 will bring, and I am thinking we will all be processing 2020 for quite a while, given that on January 1, 2021 all will be basically the same.

As 2020 wraps up and we enter another set of holidays where things are different, I am trying my best to remember what I have to be thankful for. I miss socializing. I have little to no desire to facetime socialize. And I know that my problems are small compared to others.

So I guess I’ll go for another walk, and soak up some of that Vitamin D and fresh air, and remember other times, and day dream of other things.

P.S. as I went to schedule, I realized that December 13 is Saint Lucia day, which I used to dress up for in elementary school, and again in high school when my choir director made me do it for a concert. But I’ve got this post all nicely written, and I’m not re-doing it. So light a candle, maybe eat a pastry, and know that eventually the days are going to be getting longer instead of shorter. Small victories.

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  1. A friend just dropped off a meal and gifts and mentioned St Lucia day – had not heard of it so I need to Google!

    I miss socializing too. It’s a weird time to have a baby. Most people say they will drop something off but some have said ‘we can come in for a few minutes if you are comfortable with that’ and I feel like a jerk saying we can introduce through the storm door as we aren’t having anyone in our house for the first couple of months. :/ My husband says not to feel bad but he is not the people pleaser I am!! I am sure everyone understands though. Stupid Covid!

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