4: Walk

I have probably a dozen different trails/areas that I like to walk. I love that my condo’s sidewalk is attached to a path that can take me to Theodore Wirth if I want it to, but sometimes I want to get out of the neighborhood. So I’ll drive to Edina and walk the trails that I’ve walked since I was riding in the stroller visiting my Grandparents.

Other days I’ll walk the trails I’ve found in Maple Grove near Jeff’s townhouse. He’ll most likely be buying a house in 2021, and while I want to add “near good walking trails” to his list, I also don’t want to add another request to a house that isn’t actually mine.

Occasionally I drive over to St. Paul and walk in my old renting neighborhood. I usually tie in an errand or two, or pick up some groceries at Kowalskis or the St. Paul Whole Foods (I really miss the smoothie bar there).

The Chain of Lakes is always a popular spot with me, but when Covid hit, I didn’t want to be walking in crowded areas, and during the summer it is always popular, but in the last few weeks I’ve started venturing over there more. My hope is to do Bde Maka Ska and Isles in the same walk. Which is something my mom and I would do occasionally, and always regretted the choice 3/4 of the way through, but had no choice but to power on and finish.

For Christmas I asked for a headlamp and a flashlight with a string (so it can be around my wrist) and I’m looking forward to those gifts (assuming Santa remembers). Because while these days are short, I also want to make the most of them. And while I want a Peloton, I’m too cheap to buy one. See also, a Nespresso machine. Would I love it? Yes. Will I pay for it? No.

Are you still getting outside? What are your favorite places to walk? or run or bike?


  1. We are lucky to live in a city with such great walking and biking trails! We live close to 50th/Penn so we walk the creek and the south part of lake Harriet. I loved WFH and being able to walk the lake during quiet times this summer, especially when the road was closed around the lake. I have not been able to walk much the last 8 weeks since my RA was so bad but I am hoping to get out for lots of walks while the weather is mild. I figure I can put the baby in the carrier and he will stay plenty warm under a winter jacket. Those are some good gift ideas. I got a reflective running vest years ago when I was running at night – felt so much safer with that on. I also have a head light. We did Christmas with my parents today and I got smart wool socks and money. We asked them to stop doing gifts a couple of years ago as they have so many grandkids to shop for and are in their 70s. But they still want to get us something so I can always count on them for smart wool socks which are my fave! Paul got quite the haul – he was most excited about some board games he got!

    1. Smart wool socks are the best! We decided this year not to do a gift exchange on my mom’s side of the family, and grandma hopped on board and said she wasn’t going to give presents either. We are all okay with it, even though it was “just” a gift card, it was a lot for her to organize.

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