5: Ranch

Jeff and I have been going to Montana every night. He turned on Yellowstone on a whim one night, and we are hooked. We had to buy a peacock subscription to watch, but for us it is worth it. Peacock is $5 a month, and we will be done with Season 3 this week.

We’ve spread the word to our families and now they are watching as well. The scenery is beautiful, and the issues the show can bring up are interesting. And the escapism is needed. I took Monday off because I originally I thought I would have a family event on Sunday, but rightfully so it was cancelled. So now I just have a free day, but I’m still having a case of the Sunday blues.

While talking with family this weekend we tried to plan out Christmas and New Years. But it was more of a discussion of what we want to happen vs what will actually happen. I am not looking forward to March when we hit 1 year of Covid, and hate that I’m starting to think this will never be over. I know we won’t go back to the way it was, but I can’t even imagine the way it will be.

So this week is kind of a bummer. But it’s real life. So when I need a break from real life, I’ll go watch another episode of Yellowstone.


  1. The holidays will definitely not be the same this year. I am hopeful we can celebrate with family next year. We were on our own for thanksgiving and will be for Christmas and likely Easter. I am glad a vaccine is on the horizon but you are right when you say life won’t look like it did before…

  2. I don’t typically watch TV, but even though I know nothing about this series, it sounds intriguing! The scenery alone would probably reel me in. I know what you mean about not being able to even think about how things will be … “after”. For so long, we thought of it as “back to normal” but I think we’re all realizing that it will never be as it was. For some things (virtual work, for me) it’s good, but for others, not so much.

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