6: Plan

Oh hi, how’s it going? Every year I look forward to goal setting for the next year. I like thinking about what I would like to change. I like imagining a year full of possibilities. And I like looking back on the past year and realizing how much actually happened vs just the themes we can remember automatically.

In 2020 I started meeting Jeff’s friends and getting to know them. We didn’t get to go to his family cabin, but we did go to Door County. We didn’t visit my family in Florida, but we did go up to my parents house and the lake quite a bit.

If you haven’t done Year Compass before (that’s the white packet on the right) I highly recommend it. It does take at least an hour to go through, and even more if you share with someone as you go. Jeff and I went page by page, follow the instructions, then share, then move to the next. It doesn’t lay out how to accomplish goals, but I like it because it gives you space to reflect on the past year, and gives you opportunities to dream for the coming year. I will say that you need to be fed and have a fresh mind in order to complete. I would not recommend trying this after a long work day.

As for the Passion Planner (the green book on the left) I did buy a 2021 planner, although I went for the executive black as the new colors this year weren’t quite my style. I will work on that goal setting on my own as it is lighter and can be done after the work day.

Have you done 2021 goal setting yet? Or are you just in a haze of fake holidays?


  1. That sounds like a fun and useful exercise to go through. And it’s cool that Jeff was willing to do it with you! I can’t see Phil doing that. Ha. The only reviews he wants to do are our quarterly financial reviews – go figure since he’s such a numbers guy.

    I didn’t really set much for goals for 2020 as I knew we were going to try really hard to get pregnant and pregnancy really throws a wrench in my life. I won’t be setting 2021 goals either… it will be a year of adjusting to 2 kids – which is a good and exciting thing. I just don’t want to add much more to my plate. I would like to get back to running. I am hoping to continue to work from home 2-3 days/week even after we go back to the office so I think it will be easier to fit in. And I will set a goal of reading 75 books which is really doable for me. I think 2022 will be the year I get back to more intensive planning!

  2. I’ve never heard of the Year Compass! What a great idea! I just downloaded it and hope to spend some time reflecting in the next few weeks (the semester is winding down, so that helps…). Reflecting before we move forward can be so helpful, particularly when the year doesn’t exactly turn out how we thought it might (2020 in particular… sigh).

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