7: Slide

I’m 50% referring to Slide by Goo-Goo Dolls and Slide like “senior slide” except for the end of 2020. Part of me wants to just fast forward into 2021, and the other part of me knows that I need to soak up these last 7 weeks and whatever lessons I still need to learn in 2020.

Work has slowed down for the most part, which is a relief. But the work stress is still plenty. Plans that were made are slowly getting cancelled due to Covid. Which is the right to call to make. But at the same time, I need more connection. Jeff was out town for work (don’t ask, its a long story). And I sent some friends a Marco Polo (does anyone else use that app, I have a love/hate relationship with it). And I was super overly animated while talking. And after I stopped the recording, I realized that for the past 48 hours I had spoken with my mom and my brother for about a collective 30 minutes, and I had only communicated online otherwise.

I miss my activities. Walking/talking with friends which can kind of still happen, but there is the lack of daylight hour issue, happy hours, workout classes, family gatherings. While virtual options of these things exist, they aren’t the same.

And I know I’m lucky. I know we all need to stay home and wait for a vaccine, or wait for this to all pass. But dang my body and soul are feeling tight and tired and just want a good workout, a good friend gathering, and a day to make new memories.

I’m thankful that I’m healthy to go on walks and runs, I’m extra thankful that my job has the flexibility to allow for some lunch break runs when the weather looks like it will be worse after work.

So while I am very ready for a new year, I also know that if I pressed the fast forward button, magically skipped the last 7 weeks of 2020, likely not much will have changed. And whatever may have changed, I wouldn’t have experienced or learned from.

So until we can be in a new year, I’ll be doing the best I can with what I have. Trying to go for a walk every day, even in the bad weather. Trying to run/walk a bit with the couch to 5k app, starting to stretch now that work is slower and maybe I can take a few mid-day breaks, and trying my best to make good healthy choices.

What are you doing as the year starts to wrap up? What is changing for you as the covid numbers change?


  1. We were already being really careful, so the skyrocketing of our numbers doesn’t change much for us. It just makes me nervous for what December and January will bring because I feel mama will ignore the governor’s guidelines around thanksgiving and gather in larger groups than they should. But I can only control what my immediate family does so I am trying to focus on that and just hope and pray my parents stay healthy through thanksgiving (they are gathering with my brother and sister and their kids) since they are coming to watch Paul. They are not at all worried about it, though. They will get tested before they come so we have a good plan.

    I am definitely wishing away the next 2.5 weeks until my delivery. But I am looking forward to December. This is the first year Paul will sort of understand Christmas so I think it will be a special holiday, even though we won’t celebrate with family like we usually would!

  2. That song immediately jumped into my head! 🙂 An oldie (now) but a goodie.
    I’m like you… trying to focus on what I can do, and being thankful for it, while also missing my family and “normal” routines terribly. They live too far away for me to visit and they are high risk. So it’s going to be a long winter… particularly here in the midwest. Getting a peek into others’ lives through their blogs and IG posts helps a bit, as does the idea of eventually getting past this, even though we know a return to normal will never happen.

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