8: Run

What a week. I forced myself outside on Thursday. It was rough. I couldn’t rally myself enough to make the stuffed shells I had planned, so after an attempt at a Target run, I made a pizza. I say attempt at Target, because some of my groceries didn’t make it into my cart (after checkout) so I need to call them and redo my receipt.

I’m slowly getting myself back into the running routine. I’m doing the Couch to 5k app, which I always appreciate. I am so thankful that we got another round of warm weather. I didn’t get outside as much as I should have, but in full disclosure, I am typing this from my porch right now, so at least I got that.

These last few weeks of the year always surprise me. The year feels so full, and then all of a sudden it is slipping away. I don’t know what these last two months of the year will bring, but I hope I find some rest.

Did you get the most of the warm weather? Are there any projects you are wrapping up in the last 2 months of the year? (I think its better to think of the things I still want to accomplish in 2020 instead of just throw away 8 weeks of life)

But I am also

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  1. I did not get outside as much as I would have liked due to stupid RA flares. But when I felt good, I made sure to get out. And I had a backyard coffee/beer get together with a former and current coworker that was very uplifting.

    I’m hyper focused on the baby’s arrival and not much else. I have done what I need to do to prepare for his arrival so it’s just a matter of these next 3-4 weeks passing by as fast as possible!

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