9: Traditions

Halloween is over! I’ve never been a big fan of the holidays, but I am slowly getting into more decorations. This year I had 6 different pumpkins out, and one started to show mold so I tossed it, but the other 5 I’ll keep around through Thanksgiving. However I’m also putting my tree up today.

I never cared about having a tree in college or at my apartments/condo in the past. But since I work from home, I figure it will be a nice thing to look at. And I decided to put it up out on my deck, so I won’t have to rearrange any of my furniture.

Jeff makes wonderful stove top popcorn, and delicious old fashioneds. We would occasionally have popcorn pre-covid, but when quarantine hit, it was pretty much our standard Thursday night dinner. We stopped that tradition as the weather got warmer, but now that it is chilly again, popcorn sounds delicious again..

I know for Thanksgiving I will be hanging with Jeff’s family. But Christmas is 100% up in the air, and will be until the day of. My extended family has some health issues going on (not covid) and while we have the plan we usually follow, we also know that it could all change. I love a good plan, so its hard for me to have things up in the air, but I’m hoping some good routines will keep me grounded.

What traditions are you most looking forward to this holiday season? Are you creating any new traditions?

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  1. Good idea to put your tree up early. The warm glow is so welcoming! We will put ours up in mid-November so a bit earlier than usual – we usually do it thanksgiving weekend. We will not be spending Holidays with either family due to Covid. My c section is so close to thanksgiving so we will he isolating. And then we will have a newborn at Christmas time so will be staying home to make sure we all stay healthy. It will be a different holiday season but I am thinking of ways to still make it very special, especially for Paul who will get it a bit more this year.

    I LOVE popcorn. We always had that for dinner on Sunday Nights when I was a kid. We would have a big meal at noon that day so a light meal was nice. My mom would also slice up apples.

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