10: Almost

Oh hi, a day late and a dollar short. That’s what my Grandma Pat would say when she gave us birthday cards belatedly. She also didn’t always spell my name correctly on cards. She was wonderful, but the details…not her thing.

Friday night I took a walk and was happy to see a Maple tree with some of its leaves still. To have survived the snow and cold was impressive. There wasn’t a brilliant blue sky background which would make a better photo, but I got what I could.

Saturday Jeff and I went and hiked Barn Bluff in Red Wing. It felt good to be in the car together, and get outside. And then we went to a mexican place in Hudson I had been to once before. They happened to be doing happy hour until 5 pm, so our lunch was very reasonable, which felt good.

Sunday I visited my grandparents and went for a walk with a friend. I needed that visit and that walk. This week I’ll have lots of family time which I am somewhat worried about (I need more alone time that most people) and I am also grateful that I have a good relationship with my family and that we get so much time together.

How are things for you? Exactly like you want them? Almost and ok with it? Or not even close and you don’t know what to change to get closer to where you want to be?

Or is it just that it is almost winter, and fall went far too fast?


  1. Fall was too short. I hate the cold weather. But next week’s forecast is much better. Overall I feel pretty meh about things right now. We are playing it very safe (and have since the start) when it comes to Covid which is not accepted by my family. So that has been tough. But my husband and I are on the same page and his mom has the same views as us so at least we are only dealing with comments on one side of the family. I hate to see what case counts will look like after thanksgiving as I think many families will still gather. I understand it’s an individual risk assessment. I just hope my parent stay healthy as my dad is high risk and our c section is a week after thanksgiving. But my parents will isolate starting Thursday night, get tested Tuesday and come on Wednesday. Hopefully everything goes ok. We do have a strong back up plan in place though.

    1. Your plan sounds pretty good to me! Its hard when people have differing views. Thankfully my family has been pretty respectful of differing opinions on the risks. I was around a few people this week, so am not visiting my grandparents. They want me to come, but even with a mask, I just don’t feel comfortable until I’ve had a full week of working from home and not doing anything before seeing them again.

  2. I just realized – after 8 months of self-isolation – how truly lonely I am. So your post and question are timely. I need to see at least a few family members – and I’m figuring out how to do that. The challenge for me is that my family of origin is 1500 miles away… and I can’t fly, or drive, to see them, which I really want to do. I hope that you enjoy(ed) your family time and that you were able to get sufficient time alone… I, too, struggle with “I want to see you, but… I also want to be alone a bit”. 🙂

    1. that distance would be difficult! i think now that we are looking at a more than a full year of covid life, we all need to make some tweaks. I’ve work from home from my parents house a bit and while it isn’t ideal, it is a nice change from my regular routine.

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