11: Yellow

Well this photo was clearly taken last week. In the course of the day the weather completely changed. It was no longer peak color fall, and was completely winter. Monday after work I went for my first Couch to 5k run post-surgery. The snow was falling into my eyes, but melting on the pavement. Today after work….there’s no running that’s for sure, because the entire parking lot is white.

I didn’t plan on buying a treadmill or peloton this winter, and one day into snow and I’m already second guessing myself. And since I live in a 1 bedroom condo, it isn’t my place that a treadmill would live at. Since quarantine started I would work from my house, and drive over to Jeff’s house for dinner. I planned on continuing that through the winter, but I didn’t think I would have to deal with snow quite this early.

I have been faithfully walking outside since the temps turned cooler, and I intend to walk after work this winter as well. But I’m starting to think I will need a supplemental workout option because I’m not ready to be back in the gym with all the covid rules.

What are your winter workout plans?

Are you crying into some hot chocolate? Or stringing up christmas lights?


  1. Oh, I am dreading the cold weather this year. There’s something even more challenging about facing winter and the cold alone… without the option of seeing friends, or going to a warm restaurant, or enjoying holidays with family. I can’t even look forward to traveling to a (slightly) warmer place over winter break, as my family lives too far away for it to be possible. (And, I would never put them at risk by visiting…) So, yes, kind of dreading it this year. I’m glad you have Jeff’s place as an option for a treadmill / bike. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and got a folding “spin bike” last year that’s pretty rudimentary but works surprisingly well, and it fits nicely in my small space. It’s been a lifesaver on more than one occasion!

    1. ooo, the folding spin bike is a great idea! When i lived in a studio I had my bike on a trainer right in the only room I had (thankfully the bathroom had a door) but I rarely road the bike even though it was constantly in view.

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