12: Fair

I was lucky enough to get to be a participant in the State Fair Food parade! It was an overwhelming experience that was very well executed and I hope was profitable for all involved.

But more of what I’m feeling this week is a series of “life is not fair.” No two people have the exact same experience in any part of life. Work is busy and we had a 90 minute call with the sales team laser week, and one person at the end of the call reminded everyone that we are all trying our best. I swear if a manager had said that at the beginning of the call, half the conversation wouldn’t have needed to happen. We all want to unload our stress and frustration. It is good to let out emotions and not hold it all in. And yet there is something to be said for figuring out the healthy way to release emotions.

I had to tell two different friends that I’m not able to make fun outdoor plans right now. And I feel guilty about that, but the reality is my October had plans most weekends, and with the work stress, if I add one more thing to the schedule, even if it is a fun thing, I will be crumbling under the pressure. And I’m not scheduling stuff for November right now, because I don’t want November to be the same sometimes crippling pressure that October has been at times.

This is not to say I am looking for any type of sympathy. I know that my problems are not any harder or easier than someone else’s problems. Life isn’t fair, and while there are parts of life that we can even the playing field, not everything is going to be even all the time.

What did you miss about the fair? Did you want to sit in a car and eat cheese curds? Or are you happy to skip and wait for the real deal (hopefully) next year?

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  1. I used to be a chronic over scheduler, too. Having a kid really solved that. But I had a hard time saying no before Paul was born.

    We are not fair people so having the fair cancelled did not bother us but I am glad they were able to do something for all the fair lovers out there!!!

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