13: Lost

Hooray for sunny weather! I don’t mind the chill in the air, but I love the sun on my face. Wednesday night I went for a walk…and if you remember that was the afternoon/evening of scattered thunderstorms. I thought I was in the clear. I was wrong.

I did my new standard, 25 minutes out, when my alarm goes off turn around and go home…..but the end of the road I was on came at 20 minutes. So on my way back I decided to go down a side street, which had the same name as Jeff’s townhouse street. So I went through the neighborhood, wondering where the residential housing would turn into townhouse housing…..it never did. Eventually the road name changed, and I knew I was up a creek…

I pulled up a map and realized I was now a solid 30 minute walk to Jeff’s place, and I also realized the sky was quite a bit darker, and not just because it was later in the evening. Jeff was unfortunately traveling for work and about a hour away, so if it were to rain, I was out in the cold.

And cold it got. I saw some kids grabbing bikes and going home…and then it started raining, and once it started hailing, I sought shelter under a tree. Which wasn’t entirely effective, but I need to start up maps to direct me out of the neighborhood I had never been in and back to Jeff’s in the quickest route possible.

I did go out in the rain and hail (the tree wasn’t really protecting me much), and was very thankful to be wearing a sweatshirt, and that my shorts had a pocket for my phone to be protected in. The rain/hail didn’t last long, but I was throughly drenched and a portion of road was without a sidewalk, but I made it to an area I was familiar with, and thankfully got back to Jeff’s house. All on my own two feet, without asking a stranger for a ride, or calling uber while standing on the side of the road, or just sitting and waiting for Jeff to come find me once he got back into town.

Lesson learned….not much, I’ll probably do something similar again. But I guess I learned I’m healed enough from surgery to walk for over an hour.

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  1. Oof! That is an adventure! I am glad you made it home ok and it wasn’t too much for your recovering body. It reminds me of a time I got lost on a run in Portland. I just had a crappy hotel map and it clearly did not have enough detail. And I didn’t have my phone. And I fell during the run! I ended up running to a restaurant and they called for a cab. It was a $16 cab ride and we had to take a freeway to get back to the hotel so I was clearly super super lost. When I told people I saw where I was trying to run back to, they looked at me like I was crazy! Lesson learned – bring your phone on your run!!

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