14: Here

It is officially fall, the colors are starting to pop in the cities, and they’ve popped in Northern MN. I’ve got Saturday plans all of October in the twin cities, so by the time I go north again the leaves will have fallen and we will be in the awkward place of no leaves and no snow (hopefully).

As a health insurance underwriter the fall is our busy time of year as most businesses choose January 1 start dates for their health insurance programs. Last year was my first “busy season” and I thought it went fairly well. This year I’m super overwhelmed and not sure if we are actually busier, or if I’m just more susceptible to the stress now that I’m not quite as much of a newbie.

I still went for a walk each day this week, but I hit a weird wall on Thursday that resulted in two different bouts of crying, which is not my favorite emotion. I’m glad I released the emotion a bit, but at the same time I wish I had something “more bad” to justify my tears. (this either sounds absolutely silly to you, or you understand what I mean).

Either way, I’m going to keep doing my best. Trying to make/eat healthy food, get outside, step away from the screen a bit, and connect with my friends and family. All those good healthy things that shouldn’t be overwhelming, but sometimes feels overwhelming when trying to find the right balance.

Does your work have a busy season? Are you getting outside more or less as the weather changes?


  1. Your body is still recovering so I think the tears are natural. I find myself more prone to tears when my body is healing. But I also understand feeling frustrated over those tears when you know things can be worse. But sometimes crying helps us process things and move forward.

    I am definitely outside more and taking more walks now than during the summer. The heat was so uncomfortable for me and limited the times of day I could be outside. Now I am trying to walk extra to make sure I don’t get high blood sugars. I’m hoping to continue this level of activity up until my c section in December!

  2. This is my crazy season too – mid-semester. Students are starting to lose it in a normal semester. This year, I’m even more worried. They’re stressed beyond belief, to be honest. I can’t even imagine having to work in health insurance right now – hang in there. And I think we’ve all had those weird, uncontrollable bursts of emotion. I’m tired of hearing the word “unprecedented”, but it really is true. Be kind to yourself.

    1. Thank you, yes the word “unprecedented” has pretty much lost all meaning. I don’t blame the kids for being stressed, so much is out of their control, nothing is normal, and they don’t even know what they can look forward to. ugh. love to you.

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