16: Cooler

I’ve had to wear a vest and pants and long sleeves during my walks this week. I know this is fake fall, but I’m actually really looking forward to second summer. (I’m sure you’ve all seen the various meme’s on midwest seasons with “fake fall” and all the other funny options.

Pre-gallbladder surgery I was getting back into a good walking habit. I got a new fitbit through my work, and am hoping it gives me extra encouragement to get outside while I work from home. My office is officially closed at the end of the month. So we won’t have anywhere to go…until we buy a new place. Which means I really think I’m working from home for the long haul.

Post-gallbladder surgery I’m doing 30 minute walks, by setting a 15 min reminder and turning around when it goes off, then I increased it to a 16 min reminder. Friday I took a 20 minute walk at noon, and a 24 minute walk after work.

At home it was wonderful to have my mom’s cooking and leftovers to reheat for lunches. Now I’m back to being in charge of my meals and I’m trying to make the healthy choice.

Are you cooking any good things with this cooler weather?

Or enjoying any new activities as the weather cools down?

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  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to extend your walks. I hope your recovery continues to go well!

    I have been enjoying the cooler temps – it was nice to wear pants and LS shirts. I have more LS maternity clothes than anything else so have way more options when the weather is cool. I am glad we are getting some warm weather this week, though. I’m making chili this week but that’s kind of it for fall meals so far! It’s a little warm for chili but we do tend to eat that meal year round.

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