17: Season Shift

Technically Summer isn’t over yet, but the weather sure feels different this weekend. I came up north on Thursday, August 27, and I won’t head back to my condo until at least September 8 or maybe even 9. I can’t think of the last time I was here for 12 days in a row since I moved in 2015.

I’m glad the last time I was home I paddleboarded, and I’m also glad I recovered from surgery enough to sit on the boat a few times this weekend. Sadly we took the boat out of the water for the season on Sunday. A few trees are already showing color changes, and with this extended “vacation” I don’t know exactly when I will come up north next.

It wasn’t the typical long weekend or extended Aitkin stay as I really didn’t have the energy for socializing, and wasn’t healed enough for a bike ride or tennis. I’m usually pretty good about getting outside and being active, so I hope that I’ll get back into a good outdoor routine soon.

Every year fall seems to go by so fast. I don’t have specific activities I want to do, but at the same time I know I want to do some fun things. Maybe a day in Hudson, maybe a trip down to St. Peter / hike around Mankato.

I still haven’t gotten to a darn pizza farm despite it being a goal each summer, so maybe that will finally happen, but I’ve kind of given up on suggesting it as activity.

What do you want to accomplish as the seasons change?

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  1. I’m so ready for fall and cooler temps so I am greeting the shift in weather with open arms!! I usually do love the shift to fall but I especially love it this year. It’s way easier to spend a long time at the park when it’s not sooooo hot! And being at the park is the #1 thing Paul wants to do. But I do dread the next change of seasons as we will be locked down but we will have a new baby so maybe we will be ok being locked down? We will see!!

    My goal for fall is to go through all the baby stuff and get organized for #2’s arrival!!

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