18: Surprise!

I didn’t mention in my last post that I had written on Monday that I had little sleep Sunday night going to Monday because of a stomach ache. I woke up at 2 am super uncomfortable and didn’t fall back asleep until 4. I blamed the nachos we made for dinner, but more on eating at 8 pm, and not drinking enough water after.

Monday was pretty ok, but Tuesday I made a quesadilla with the leftover nacho taco meat, and woah, did I have a stomach ache. It lasted all day. I didn’t do any of the errands I planned. I didn’t do laundry or pick up the condo. I just payed.

Wednesday I didn’t eat much (tmi, but my urine was suddenly neon yellow and wasn’t going away with hydration) at 7 pm ate a mini pizza I had. It was fine, but I was on a FaceTime call with friends and too uncomfortable to hang out. I called my clinics nurse line trying to get an appointment. They couldn’t schedule, but had someone call at 7 am Thursday.

we scheduled an appointment for Friday at 8:30 am. Not ideal since that would mean a constant 48 hours of pain but it gave me some relief. While I was in a work call, I got a voicemail cancelling that appointment. When I called the nurse line to reschedule, we discussed my symptoms and she told me to go right to the covid side of my clinic and be seen. She didn’t think I had covid. But I had enough symptoms to qualify for an appt over there.

So Thursday at 11 I email my boss and say “change of plans, dr now not tomorrow, will update you”. Go to the clinic, start labs, and start to lean towards a gallbladder diagnosis.

That diagnosis pretty much means surgery. And hcmc surgery is downtown Minneapolis. And Thursday night was a curfew night. I didn’t want to be in a hospital in the thick of it. So since I hadn’t eaten since Wednesday night, I packed a quick bag and drove north. My dad called a friend to discuss symptoms and it was recommend I head straight to the er for an ultrasound. The clinic I did my labs at was also planning an ultrasound, they just wanted to wait until Friday morning. But as more of my labs came in, that nurse practitioner called me and recommend I go to the ER. Little did she know, I was already there, just in a different city.

After a little more testing I was transferred to the hospital (I did ask if I could go sleep at my parents house and come back in the morning, but was told no). The Aitkin hospital was quiet and the few people I saw were very nice. I met with the surgeon in the morning and based on my condition there were 2 things he needed to do. And if one of them went poorly, he’d need to do a 3rd thing. But that 3rd thing isn’t done at the Aitkin hospital, it is done at the Crosby hospital. So I got discharged from Aitkin and my mom drove me to surgery in Crosby.

We were told lovely things like that I could go home after if all went well. Lol. I was a mess, there was no going home. It was a rough evening adjusting to the pain meds and surgery pains. My lab draw Saturday morning showed that my pancreas was upset. So while I had enjoyed jello, mashed potatoes and plain toast on Friday, food would be taken off the table again.

Now it’s late Saturday night, technically Sunday morning. I’ve made my slow hobble to the bathroom, gotten my vitals taken, and a fresh dose of meds. I’m off to sleep as long as I can and hope that Sunday will bring good lab results. An ok to eat something, and enough strength to start walking the hospital a bit.

I’m thankful to be in a small town where my parents can easily tag team visiting me and caring for Johnny. I’m thankful for the friends and family I have reached out to, and for those who understand that I haven’t been all with it to tell everyone everything.

Here’s hoping this all posts from my phone correctly! Love, Katie


  1. Oh my. You had an awful week. I’m so sorry. It’s nice to be close to your parents while recovering. There’s nothing like mom when you aren’t feeling well. I hope you can get discharged very soon so you can recover at your parents. Thinking of you!!

  2. Nooo … that’s not how you want to wrap up your summer. Hopefully you’re doing okay now. Did you end up having surgery or did they decide to just monitor with labs?? So glad you decided to head out of the city for medical care during these crazy times. Let me know if I can do anything. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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