19: August

Summer is slipping away. Friday night we had to hustle to the boat launch to beat the sunset. I’m in a little bit of denial about how fast summer went. While we didn’t do much this summer, we did get away, and have spent plenty of time at the lake, but there can always be more.

This post was a day late because I was up north visiting my family and never got my computer out. I also didn’t reach out to friends to get together, but I’m hoping that can change a bit over Labor Day weekend. This weekend we will stay in the metro, and I’m hoping to find a good activity or two to mix up our usual schedule.

Work is officially hitting busy season and Friday afternoon I was basically sick to my stomach. I took on some stress that wasn’t necessarily mine, but did make an impact on my work / work schedule. Last week Jeff and I did a work week fitbit challenge and this week I’m challenging myself to actually get the 250 steps per hour that fitbit recommends and reminds at the 50th minute of each hour. I’m also trying to go for a walk after work every day. I was easily walking twice a day in March when quarantine hit, but as the weather got warmer, that habit stopped. I’m not at the point of buying a peloton, but I have considered buying the membership or getting a beach body subscription. I’m still waiting until its too cold / rainy/ freezing to get outdoors, but there will be a day that I make the purchase.

How are you doing? Do you have any last summer plans? Or are you doing anything to prepare for “not summer” which is how I am referring to fall/winter these days.


  1. I love summer but this one has been so hot and humid so I am actually ready for fall. I just hope it’s a long fall with nice weather! I’m dreading the cold moths when we will be locked down again and only seeing daycare families. 😦 so I am trying to make the most of these summer months!

    I had a beach body subscription for awhile and I loved it! So I would recommend checking out that program. They have so many different programs to choose from. I’m planning to get a subscription once I am ready to add workouts back in after the baby is born.

  2. I completely understand the idea of planning for the coming shutdown due to winter and the likely increase in cases… I’m doing the same thing. I have a small apartment, and bought a folding (seriously) spin bike in April that was a huge help when I couldn’t get outside to run. I’m debating what else to do for the upcoming winter – I’d love a folding treadmill, but space is an issue. I might look into the Peloton app – you are not the only one who’s mentioned it, and I hear that it has a good variety of workouts. Never considered Beach Body, though. Hm… Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m totally in the same boat.

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