21: Out of Office

Friday afternoon I set my out of office for my work email, AND deleted work email off my phone. So unless the world ends (a likely scenario in 2020 actually) my boss will need to call my personal cell phone.

Jeff and I decided to take a full week off work, because while a long weekend is nice, our brains need a full break. Naturally Saturday at 6 am he got a work call, but sent it to voicemail.

I’m really liking my desk, which required a little living room readjusting, but if you haven’t given yourself a desk, I highly recommend prioritizing that.

This week we will be visiting some of his family, and exploring Door County. While it sounds like Wisconsin is the wild west when it comes to social distancing, our experience thus far this summer has been the opposite. My assumption is just like in Minnesota where I know an establishment or two with looser interpretations of mask mandates, the majority of people are doing the right thing.

So I hope you all have a good week. And thank you to those who continue to read this little spot on the internet, this is my 999 post! I am bringing my computer so maybe I’ll write up a post for next week!


  1. Have a great little getaway!! I’ll be taking some time away from work in the next few weeks myself but for other reasons – hello NEW house! But I think I’ll have to do what you did and delete email and “Teams” (our message tool) from my phone or else I always feel like I need to be available and checking in on any ongoing issues (seeing as I work in business continuity during the midst of a pandemic and the possibility of civil unrest due to any thing these days I feel like I always need to be “on call”). When you get back you’ll have to let us know if you ever had to check in on anything?!? Enjoy Door County, drink lots of iced coffee, and spend time enjoying the August weather!!

    1. Thank you! I am glad your place finally got closed and I hope you’re settling in! It was really great to be totally offline from work, but now that I’m back and its friday, there’s a small desire for me to log in to make monday easier…but I’m trying to really soak up this time off.

  2. We had the same week off! I was worried I would have to work but my coworker who was going to be on vacation the same week canceled his plans so it worked out well for me! It was really nice to getaway and have a change of scenery!

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