22: Relax

Happy Weekend friends! After a rough week I’m finally starting to feel a bit better. Friday night I had 2 glasses of wine while attempting to make pizza with Trader Joes dough. Maybe a post to come about that, but there are some tweaks I would make.

Saturday morning I was able to not set an alarm, but thankfully didn’t waste the day. I was on the road by 9:30 and heading to Aitkin. I met up with friends in the afternoon for a walk, and it was so good to catch up. Afterwards my family and I had an early dinner, before my mom and I took Johnny on a “stroller walk” aka, johnny was in his wheelchair.

While walking we came across this velvet wonder, and he just stared and stared at us. Since the height of cabin season is over for our neighborhood, it was a pretty quiet walk.

I managed to fall asleep fairly easily and wake up without an alarm again which felt very good. I have 5 days of work, and then am taking the next 5 days off and am so excited to take work email off my phone for those days. While technically it isn’t required for me to have work email on my phone, I generally like knowing what I have waiting for me when I log in since I tend to log on around 7 am, or earlier, and work until 3 or so. While some of my other coworkers don’t log on until almost 9, and work until 5 or later.

How do you like to relax?


  1. Enjoy your time off! We will be on vacation the same week. I like to turn off my work email, too, but won’t be able to this time as my other coworker took the same week off so I need to be available if our other coworker gets overwhelmed. Hopefully that doesn’t happen! We will be unplugging as much as possible and soaking up the time to my parents!!

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