23: Mask

I am now the proud owner of a “not detected” covid test. Last weekend I visited a cabin with friends, and one of the friends started a fever on Monday. He went and got tested on Tuesday morning, and was told his results would be back in 5-7 days. There was no way my brain was going to wait 5 days for that answer, and I’m really good at imagining symptoms. So I went and got tested.

My regular clinic is HCMC Richfield, so I went there. The clinic opens at 8 am, and if you fill out the paperwork a day ahead online, you just show up to get tested. At 7:45 there were probably 5 people in line ahead of me. I met with a nurse at 8:30, and not 5 min later she had swabbed me.

Now, I maybe should have slowed her down and explained that I don’t do great with “doctor stuff” but I figured a q-tip in my ear would be fairly similar to a q-tip in my nose. But….I would say the nose swab situation was more similar to a pap smear than anything else. I got a bloody nose out of the deal.

48 hours later I received my “not detected” test results. I was fairly certain I would be negative, the only symptom I’ve had is the headache I usually get. Jeff hasn’t had any symptoms. There is of course the chance that we were asymptomatic carriers, but I haven’t found research that really shows what is going on, just recommendations for how to slow the spread. My friend’s test isn’t back yet, his symptoms are fever and body aches.

The uncertainty of how someone gets COVID, and who spreads it, and how it will impact those that get it is scary. Johnny also had to get a COVID test this week as his seizures needed a brief hospital stay, thankfully his results took 45 min, and he was also negative. So while some think this is all a conspiracy, and others think the world is ending, I’m still in the middle of the road. I was happily wearing my mask while grocery shopping when it wasn’t mandated, and I’ll continue to wear my mask.

So there you go. A mask story. Be kind.

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  1. I got tested in June and it was unpleasant. I would actually rather get a papsmear! And I have a pretty high tolerance for discomfort. I mean I give myself 8 injections/week and I’d rather give twice as many and avoid that test again. Ha! But we will be getting tested in August before we go to my parents. I think HCMC might do a throat swab for our son. I am hoping that is the case. Otherwise it will be a 2-person job to hold him down…

    I’m glad you were also negative/not detected. I am definitely taking it very seriously but also trying to find low risk ways to enjoy life. Like outdoor gatherings and seeing daycare families. I just hope a vaccine is widely available by next year.

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