24: Closed

It’s a weird summer. The weather is hot, but the pools are closed. Growing up I preferred lakes, but would visit the Edina pool with my grandparents a couple times each summer. I thought since I work in Edina, this summer I would go to the pool occasionally to swim after work. But….we all know that hasn’t happened.

This isn’t the Edina pool, but was in a park that I visited a friend in, where we both brought ice cream to. All meet ups with friends take a little more negotiation to make sure everyone feels ok about the plan. During the week this week I was really craving some alone time with Jeff. We had the drive up north and back together solo, but I’m hoping we can go up to Duluth/North Shore this summer for a few nights. But seeing as I haven’t actually booked or scheduled anything, I’m not sure when it will happen. And, I’m ok with waiting until sometime in the fall if it means less people.

I am nervous about busy season when I don’t have the office to go to, and lots to do at home. I work well at home, but I really thought we’d be experimenting in the office in September, and I doubt that these days.

What did you think summer was going to be before Covid started? What has stayed the same?


  1. Well NOTHING has gone to plan for me this summer but it did give me the kick in the butt to buy a place of my own and I will be spending the fall moving into it! 😉
    The pool in my mom’s neighborhood has just opened (so if you need/want a place to swim let me know! 😉 )
    Finally, if you are looking for a trip out to the mountains check this place out – https://www.simplysteamboat.com/CL3204

  2. This summer is definitely nothing like I imagined! I thought we would be going to splash pads and wading pools but those are closed. Some have opened but I fear they will be too busy so we are avoiding them. We have been in local lakes more this summer than the entire time I have lived here! With how hot it’s been, I need to be in water to be comfortable. I’ve definitely been missing my monthly trips up to my parents but we will only go once this summer since we will need to get tested for COVID first. But hopefully things are more normalish next summer?? We will see where we are at with the vaccine!

    I hope you and Jeff can get up North for a getaway. We were thinking of going to blue fin bay in August and would leave Paul with my parents. But that’s not happening as this is just not the year for it and I’d rather spend the time with my parents then go away for a weekend. My parents will really help out with Paul when we are there in August so it should be pretty relaxing!

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