25: Turn

Tomorrow marks 1 year since I met Jeff. We went out to eat Saturday night to celebrate, and on Monday we will play some tennis before making dinner (I’m thinking pasta with shrimp). I love to plan, I love a schedule, and I try to do my best. And while I went on plenty of dates prior to dating him, I didn’t know on our first date that we would keep dating. We pretty much interviewed each other, and I was debriefing the date while at Basillica Block Party with friends that same night. I remember saying “so I’ll probably text him tomorrow to say ‘I had fun'” and one of my friends said “just text him now.” So I did.

At the time he was in the process of selling his house, and looking for a townhouse to rent. He wanted Lino Lakes area, but wasn’t having much luck. So I said “try Maple Grove, there’s tons of townhouses there” and he found one. And while I don’t love his townhouse, I have found that Maple Grove has a ton of awesome paved trails for walking/running/biking and he rollerbladed a half marathon around there one day this summer. We also found that we can drive relaxing backroads to new dinner spots.

Last night we drove down to Waconia to eat at Lola’s Lakehouse. It ended up raining on and off during our meal, so there wasn’t a lakeside sunset, but we thankfully had a fairly dry drive down and back.

I have no idea where the next year will take us. I know there will be twists and turns, and some of those turns will be because we are driving and deciding, but some of the twists will be things we didn’t see coming and didn’t plan for. And my hope is that we roll with the twists, and see what comes next.

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  1. Happy dating anniversary! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I think you waited awhile to talk about him on the blog so I probably only knew about him for 6-9 months I think? I am glad things are going well and you guys have hit it off!!

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