26: Drive

Last weekend was a much needed patio date night. I wanted to go to Birches on Long Lake, but could only get a 4 pm or 8 pm reservation, and neither time seemed great. I knew I wanted to go eat somewhere in that area, so I randomly picked Primo’s Plates and Pours. While they aren’t lakeside, their patio is small and social distanced, and they have planters so that you don’t feel like you’re just sitting on pavement.

I had the best italian sandwhich of my life, and tasted the best beverage, prosecco topped with limencello. I’ll definitely be recreating that drink at home in the future. But I’ll also be visiting Primo’s again. Part of the bonus of going to dinner and it being summer, we had a gorgeous sunset drive home.

I’m typing this Thursday morning because my company nicely gave us both Friday and Thursday off for the 4th of July. While our country is far from perfect, I am glad I live here. This summer had the potential for a week in Canada that I am pretty sure won’t happen at all, but it will just make me more excited if the opportunity is available next year. And at this point I have so many vacation days available, there could be a lot of 3 and 4 day weeks for me in December, and maybe November.

In the health insurance world, January 1 effective dates are common, and typically August is when we start reviewing those cases, but instead I’ve already reviewed a dozen or so, and am sure next week there will be even more. I’m not sure what this fall will bring, but I hope for good things.

Since today is Thursday, and I’ll schedule this for Sunday, I have no idea what all will happen this weekend. My hope is that everyone stays safe, and that any fireworks delight those who love them, and stay silent for those who aren’t fans.

Are you a fan of fireworks? Or would you rather just watch a silent sunset?


  1. Katie, I hope you had an incredible 4th of July! Sounds like you’ve been making the best of each day as it comes (which is so awesome). I actually haven’t really done much the last few weekends and I’ve been totally okay with that. I think that next weekend will be different though as I’ll be coming towards my 30th birthday on the 13th and the 1 month mark from the closing on my first house. I too have quite a few vacation days that I’m going to need to use up but I’ll probably end up using those in August/September when I move into the house and I’m trying to get settled. I also avoided the fireworks last night as much as possible (the booms kind of frighten me) so I had my sound machine on high and tried to zone them out. I do wish I could go on a boat ride again soon to watch the sun setting but seeing as I don’t know anyone with a boat that’s unlikely. Did you watch the fireworks? Do you enjoy them? Any trips within the country for the remainder of July?

  2. I am not a huge fireworks fan. If they only happened on the 4th I would like them more. But I kind of hate how there are so many building up to the 4th and then afterwards… I much prefer quiet sunsets, especially at the lake as sunsets there are always extra beautiful!

    That is nice that you got Thursday and Friday off!!

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