27: Bloom

I made my monthly trip to Trader Joes this week. I miss going whenever I want, but the stand in line before entering situation means that I prefer to go during the work day, and there aren’t many weeks where I want to interrupt my work day for the trip. Thankfully peonies were still in season when I went. I bought the bouquet with closed blooms, but within 4 hours of being home they started to open.

The only reason I have time to post this “on-time” this week is because my Saturday did not go as planned. It was supposed to be breakfast, bike, shower, visit Grandparents, relax, date. But…the breakfast had issues, a bike tire popped (thankfully while at home, not on a trail) and then the line at the bike shop was too long to wait to get a new tube, and the weather is too warm to want to bike anyways. After errands that didn’t have lines (but I still wore my mask), the cleaning started. Its not a fun part of life, especially when the weather is nice and I had gotten a brewery visit invite, but it was a necessary cleaning. And the grandparent visit can be pushed to Sunday (which is when it would be during non-covid times anyways).

It’s now Saturday evening and I’m still discombobulated from how mixed up the morning got. As much as I wrote about going with the flow last post….its not a perfect process. At least I’ve got some good blooms to look at.

Do you buy flowers often? How do you stay on top of your household cleaning?


  1. Those flowers are so pretty! I love peonies! I never buy flowers. If I went to TJ’s I probably would when I shopped there as they are pretty cheap there.

    I am not great at going with the flow when something goes wrong. It’s something I have gotten better at since meeting my husband since he is very good at going with the flow. But I am still not great at it. As far as cleaning goes, we have a cleaning company come every other week. It is the best money spent! We just hired a company last August. I felt overwhelmed between working, caring for Paul, and keeping our house clean. I am much happier now that we have a service. Plus they do an amazing job!!

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