28: Flow

Last weekend I was in Milwaukee again (despite saying at the beginning of our relationship that I would not be leaving work friday afternoon to drive to Milwaukee and return on Sunday, I’ve done that twice in the last 2 months). The 5ish hour drive isn’t too bad…other than we haven’t found a podcast that we equally like, and I am in dire need of some new playlists, but with the limited time I spend on my personal computer, I’m not taking the time to blog, let allow build a playlist. (A blog post takes me a few minutes these days, while a playlist can take hours depending on how picky I want to be).

Saturday morning we planned on meeting Jeff’s sister, husband, and nephew to play tennis. Only to drive around and realize that every public court in that city had the nets down (due to covid we assume). After the 3rd failed attempt we called it and got breakfast at a diner. Thankfully we didn’t picnic, otherwise we would have gotten caught in a torrential downpour.

The rain was short lived, so we were able to play tennis in the afternoon with Jeff’s other sister, brother, and Dad. And let me tell you, playing a team sport in front of your significant other’s family, that you don’t know well, is humbling. But we made it. When we started playing tennis together last fall we were both rusty, this spring when we started playing the rust was still there, but in the last two weeks things have been changing. My serve is better, our rallies are longer, and balls I used to not even attempt to go after….I’m at least getting there, if I’m not quite returning them gracefully.

It’s interesting to see the improvement just from attempting. There are no lessons, there are no expectations. Absolutely nothing is on the line with playing tennis, and it makes me more and more grateful that my mom started me playing at a young age. I’m not good, I’ll never be competitive. But that doesn’t really matter.

I’m going with the flow, which isn’t my strong suit. I like to have a plan, I like to optimize the plan. If I’m going to commit to spending time, money, or energy on something, I want it to be enjoyable.

Do you like to be in control of the plan? Or are you happy to sit back and let everyone else figure it out?

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  1. Playing a sport in front of your SO’s family is stressful! Glad you enjoyed yourself and have had a chance to practice this summer. That is a fun 2-person game. I haven’t tried since I was very young. I was horrible then so I would need a lot of work to be passable at it. So we skip games like that since I just get sooo frustrated!!

    I am definitely a planner. My husband really isn’t so he lets me plan and goes with the flow. He does plan things occasionally but it’s very very rare!

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