29: Waterfalls

Summer is here! Even if it doesn’t technically start until this weekend. Last weekend I had a graduation celebration for my cousin Friday night, and spent most of Saturday outside.

Jeff and I drove over to Stillwater to bike part of their trail, and I really liked it. We didn’t get lunch or anything downtown, but hopefully next time! We were at 15 miles for a long ride, and it went well. This weekend will be 18 miles, so I need to find a good trail. I really prefer trails that have limited road crossings, and some coverage from the trees. I don’t really want to bake in the sun and play frogger with vehicles.

Saturday evening we put the boat in the Mississippi and went up the Anoka portion of the Rum River. I am not a river person, and I maintain that, I’m also not really interested in fishing. But I’ll sit in a boat for a couple hours.

Sunday we played some tennis, and I visited my family for a bit. I didn’t get around to blogging which is why this post is coming in the middle of the week. With work from home I’m not generally interested in my personal computer at the end of the day.

I don’t know what the coming weekend holds. There are a few things going on that are outside of my control. So for now I’m just trying to remember that every weekend doesn’t have to be 100%, and I can just take the day as it comes.

Are you 100% in summer mode? Or are you still coming to terms that Summer is here?


  1. We are definitely fully in summer mode, especially with how hot the weather has been. Your Stillwater bike ride sounded nice!! I bet that was maybe the same trail I rode with a friends years ago. I also prefer dedicated bike paths. There is a nice one that goes out to Excelsior that would be fun, especially if you could go to the brewery there (I think there is a big one there but the name escapes me). I did that bike ride with a girlfriend several years ago and it was really nice!

    1. Its hard to find good trails, some of them in the excelsior area are gravel, and some are under construction. But hopefully I keep exploring a bit and find a few more. Anything in the minneapolis area is kind of off limits with social distancing.

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