34: Cake

I promise I’m not still celebrating my birthday. While I had a wonderful time and am so thankful for my friends and family, it was time to celebrate Jeff! His birthday was on the 11th, and we celebrated by taking a drive, getting out on the boat, and him grilling steak, scallops, and me buying a DQ cake. But not your traditional DQ cake. A DQ Blizzard cake. With oreo AND reeses. It is awesome. If you have absolutely anything to celebrate, I highly recommend DQ.

I am really hoping that things are safe enough for things to continue opening up and not close again. I understand both sides. I move from side to side depending on the day/hour/minute. Ultimately I feel safer now than I did over Easter.

Also, I’m posting finally on Friday afternoon because…I just didn’t get to it? For some reason the evenings this week have flown by despite me not really doing anything. I’m kind of in denial that full blown warm spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. But while there is some rain in the forecast for the weekend, I hope I get out on my bike for a bit.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Do you have any new plans now that some restrictions are lifted on Monday?

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  1. That cake looks epic! And the way you celebrated sounds perfect, too! Phil has a summer birthday so we often get a DQ cake to celebrate as we tend to have friends over. Kind of doubt we will this year, though. 😦

    We had a nice day yesterday. We had a play date with 2 other friends from daycare. It was my first time seeing people in person besides my husband. It was a wonderful morning. Our son was so excited about the play date. He was asking to go over to his friend’s house when he woke at 7! I think we will keep doing play dates with these families. I don’t see us seeing anyone else, with Paul along, though as we don’t know what Paul is exposed to. I am getting together with my college friends over the next couple of weekends for an outdoor social distance coffee date. We have been so careful and have stayed close to home but it’s starting to really impact my mental health so I am glad the rules are being gradually relaxed.

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