35: Entering 32.

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, which is significantly earlier than usual. But tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m hoping over the weekend I’ll be outside and unplugged. I wish I had been blogging for more of my twenties. I would have found it interesting to see the differences between 19-22 and 29-32.

I remember turning 19, my birthday dinner at TGIFridays with freshman year friends, many of whom I am still friends with today.

My 20th birthday I was at a sorority sister’s off-campus house, there were just a few of us, but it was fun. 21 was the bar scene, of course. And 22 was a pinata party, right before the craziness of the last month of college.

When I turned 29 I was home for the weekend, running a 10k, and going out to dinner with my parents (Johnny was sick). 30 was dinner at Young Joni with my family and two good friends. It was also when I decided it was time to buy and stop renting.

I celebrated 31 with a weekend at home, dinner with my family, and starting a new job the next day. I was so proud that at 30 I had decided to buy a home and that the next year I was going to a new job.

32 was supposed to be celebrated on a plane, on the way to Fort Myers Beach, with Jeff (my boyfriend) to go visit my family. And then covid happened. So instead I’m skyping with friends and not taking 2 days off. I’ll work in the hopes that I can spend a long weekend in Florida at the end of the year instead.

While I get cranky and anxious at times during the last 7 weeks (and will likely be working from home for at least another month). This year will be takeout and dinner for two instead of dinner out for 6 or more. I am very glad that I have a strong partner by my side. Who accepts my crankiness and stubbornness. It was a winding road to meeting Jeff, and I don’t know where it will lead. But I’m thankful that part of the journey includes him.

And since it’s my birthday, I figure I can be a little sappy.


  1. Awww, I am so happy for you. You deserve to be sappy!! I know the feeling of longing for a strong partner. I’m so glad that you met Jeff! It sounds like things are going really well since he was going to go to FL with you to visit your family! I’m so bummed for you that you can’t go to FL but hopefully you can go later in the year.

    Our boss keeps telling us to take time off and take care of ourselves but it feels so pointless to take any days off right now… I have no where to go and nothing to do. My husband will probably take some days off to go golfing, possibly one next week. But I don’t really have an activity like that to give me an excuse to take the day off. Maybe once Paul is back at daycare (he goes back tomorrow), I will take a day off to just BE. The last 7 weeks of being home with Paul have worn me out so a day off would probably do me good, even if I couldn’t go anywhere/do anything fun.

    I hope you have a super special day today!

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