36: Weekend

Quarantine weekends are pretty different compared to pre-quarantine weekends. I don’t have a workout class to go to. There’s little to no errands to run since I choose to grocery shop on week days. And socializing looks very different.

Friday night I picked up dinner from Revival and there was no issue with traffic or parking, and no wait to pick up my food since I had ordered before driving over. I did have a social distanced dinner in a parking lot Saturday night. I know I’m not doing social distancing perfectly, but I am trying to find the balance between mental health and physical health.

Pre-quarantine my Sundays were well balanced days. I would meet my grandparents at church, hang at their house for a bit, go for a walk, and then have the evening to make dinner and relax before a new week started. Today I slept in, had a zoom call with friends, then with my family, and did some cleaning. I know I need to take advantage of the good weather and go for a walk, but it is tough to get myself going.

Thursday is my birthday and instead of flying to Florida as was originally planned, I’ll be working from home, and getting takeout from somewhere. It’s a weird world, but I’m thankful for my family and friends and that fact that I continue to work.

How are weekends for you? Are some of your pre-quarantine routines the same? Or has everything changed?

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  1. Our weekends are different. We used to have swimming lessons every Saturday morning and we’d often get together with friends with kids. Now none of that happens. Weekends don’t feel all that different from weekdays besides not balancing work and caring for Paul. This weekend I met a friend at caribou as her husband had an extra monitor to give to me so I can set up a better work space when Paul goes back to daycare. I picked up coffee for them and they spread a blanket in the grass. It was really nice to sit and talk together. The weather was beautiful so we sat there for a good hour catching up.

    Phils mom came over last weekend and again today. We are mostly outside and keeping our distance from each other. She lives alone and gets lonely so we figure it’s ok to do this, especially since Phil and I are really not going anywhere. Today is the last time she will see him for a long time as once he’s back in daycare we won’t be around her since he will be exposed to all sorts of stuff.

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