38: Easter

Happy Easter! And enjoy the throwback of Easter celebrations past. This year instead of spending the day at my grandparents house like I usually would, or traveling to Milwaukee like I had planned, I’m on my own and as of Friday night when I type this, not mad at it.

During the week I’m working from home, and fairly frequently questioning my knowledge and abilities. I’m still in the training process as more responsibilities are asked of me. I’m glad that everyone is patient, but I don’t really enjoy being a beginner, or making mistakes.

So while many people joke that they don’t know what day of the week it is. I am very aware. I like the weekends. I like having plenty of time to do what I want (even if that just means sleeping in, going for extra walks, and picking up takeout). And I need the break from the work week. I also know I’m lucky to still be working, and lucky that my work schedule is stable enough to not require weekend work right now.

Did you celebrate Easter?

Did you make a favorite recipe?

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  1. This would be a tough time to be a newbie at work! The isolation is hard for us seasoned people but would be worse if you are still getting the hang of things!

    We had a little easter celebration with the 3 of us. I baked a ham and made mashed potatoes, ham gravy and asparagus. I considered not doing anything special but decided we should have a nice meal. We have so much leftover ham but there are so many different soups you can make with it! It was my 2nd time making gravy. It used to intimidate me but now I know it’s really not hard at all!

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