39: Continuing

And…we’re here, and it sounds like we will be here for a while. My work day schedule continues. And I’m trying to find a normal for the weekends. I rearranged the items on my tv stand a bit, but as you can see I haven’t bothered to hide the cords, even though they bug me.

I bought myself a new pillow and oil diffuser in attempts to make sleeping easier, and life more relaxed. I can only drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning, and the days I attempt a diet coke I tend to get either an eye twitch or a headache. I’ve keep snacking fairly controlled, and try my best to make balanced meals.

I have been doing take out on Saturday evenings, which is fun. And my friends schedule plenty of checkins which is nice. Friday night I made scallop tacos which I was very proud of. And reminded me how much I love scallops, and while they are expensive, I hope to buy them more often.

I’m stressed, mostly by the unknown. And uncertainty. I know I have it good. I don’t have kiddos to care for, my job is virtual, and so far steady. I know I need good rest, healthy food, and a good dose of outside/exercise time. But even when I’m doing those things, there are still frustrating times.

What brings you joy these days? Have you made anything tasty lately?


  1. Those scallop tacos look so good! We made shrimp tacos on Friday. Shrimp has been on sale a lot this winter at cub so we have had a lot of shrimp tacos. Which we really love. I made wild rice soup last night with leftover turkey from a turkey breast I made last weekend. It was so so good. We also get take out once a week. It’s nice to break things up and take a night off from cooking or having leftovers!!

    Hang in there! This time of uncertainty is really hard on all of us!!

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