40: Rollerblade

They see me rollin….. slowly, carefully, especially when attempting to navigate the bumps they put at accessibility part of a sidewalk… (I’ll maybe take a picture once I master confidently rollerblading over them without slowing way down, navigating around, and then thankfully safely back on the sidewalk pavement.

My significant other…..its been long enough…his name is Jeff. Anyways. Jeff and I were talking about 2020 goals, and he mentioned wanting to include some athletic ones. He plays hockey (on the ice like normal) throughout the year, and then in the summer he adds rollerblade hockey (if there’s a special name for that, I don’t know it). He also likes to bike ride. So one of our early dates was a bike ride.

We have a few options (assuming group rides/events are allowed this summer) for 50ish mile bike rides. We also discussed the Rollerblade Half Marathon in Duluth, which is in the fall. Technically we haven’t signed up, but in February we bought Rollerblades. And this week we started using them.

Since he rollerblades every summer, he has no problems, and has super fancy footwork. I on the other hand….was an awesome rollerblader….in 8th grade. And rollerbladed a bit in college…and haven’t since. Any little bump in the road is nerve wracking, what doesn’t look like a downhill, makes me feel like I’m going 50 miles per hour, and moments away from colliding with a car, where I will become roadkill (this is not the reality, but it sure feels real in the moment).

So we are having “fun” navigating me being somewhat of a beginner, and him feeling total comfortable. I’m confident that once I get used to rollerblading again, I’ve done plenty of half marathons in running shoes, that rollerblades shouldn’t be an issue.

We got out on our rollerblades twice this week, but biking is also a goal of ours. So it will be interesting to see which one we want to do more as the weather warms up. But for now I’m just grateful that we are able to go outside, and be active.

If you’re feeling cooped up at home, I highly recommend going out for a drive. Even if you don’t get out of the car, a change of scenery does wonders.

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