41: Schedule

What is this world? Do we even know? At this point on Sunday morning we haven’t gotten a shelter in place order, and I’m really hoping that our social distancing is enough to flatten the curve. Last week I got the email from work on Sunday night to work from home Monday. It was annoying to have to wait until Sunday night to get that order, but at least it finally came.

Since I live alone in a 700 square foot condo, I don’t have a dedicated office. I did go to the office at 6:30 am Monday morning to grab a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I’ve kept my 6:30-7ish start time all week. I like being able to log off at 3 pm, although there were a few days I worked until 4 or later.

I thought I would share my routine, but I understand that anyone who has a 2nd person working from home, or kiddos, or a different job may not be able to follow my schedule.

6:00, alarm goes off, lay for a bit, but get out of bed by 6:25. 6:30 turn on computer, keep lights low, turn on Parenthood (I’m re-watching the series). I have the tv on throughout the day, but mix up what is playing every couple hours.

I don’t drink coffee right away, and I don’t blast the lights. I get started on my work, following up on emails that came in after I logged off, or getting my first couple of tasks done for the day.

7:30 ish, make coffee, maybe turn on another light. 8:30 ish, breakfast, I’m glad I picked up frozen waffles in my panic $175 hyvee grocery experience. It was a dark moment, but I’m glad I’ve got a strong random stockpile of food.

I occasionally have a morning meeting. Which means the tv gets turned off, once the meeting is over I usually switch to Gilmore Girls. A couple hours in Stars Hollow helps forget the craziness in this world.

11:30 ish, lunch. Either leftovers from the day before, or a grilled cheese with sliced curry flavored chicken. I did buy apples to help me get some fiber. Left to my own devices, I would only eat carbs and cheese.

This is also when I turn on all the lights. For my 30 minute lunch break, I sometimes shower if I’m feeling out of it (otherwise I wait until the early evening to shower). I might also use my lunch break to facetime my parents/brother or grandparents.

Work can be finished around 3, but it depends on what my day looks like. My eyes/brain pretty much start making errors and then I know its time to be done.

4 pm ish is my solo 30 minute walk. I listen to a podcast and am happy to be outside in fresh air. After that I might shower, and then drive to my boyfriend’s house to make dinner.

After we make dinner, eat, and maybe start the dishwasher, its outside for another 30 minute walk. Once we’re back we maybe watch an episode of the Americans (highly recommend) and then it is bedtime.

I did 1 virtual happy hour last week, and it sounds like I will have a few more in the coming week, which I’m excited about, but at the same time, I like my routine on the weekdays, and am trying to limit the beverages I have during the week.

What’s your schedule like?

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  1. Glad you guys are enjoying the americans! It’s such a good series and just gets better and better! We haven’t really found anything to watch since finishing it, though.

    My schedule is all over the place with us having Paul at home. Depending on my meeting schedule, I try to get out for 1-2 walks/day. Today I was able to fit 2 in. We do some tag teaming with Paul but he has been extra clingy with me which has made things even more challenging! But we are making it work!!

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