42: Vines

I guess in 2020 I really have given up on the posting on Sundays. This past weekend, as everything slowly “went down.” I was in Nebraska visiting a friend from college. We planned this trip months again, specifically choosing March when our schedules were open, and weather probably couldn’t get in the way of driving 6ish hours.

The friend and her husband both happen to work in healthcare, so we asked them if it was still okay to come, and they gave us the green light. Of course by Sunday evening when we got home, we realized that it would be our last adventure for a long while.

Our last fun stop was at a winery outside of Lincoln, Capital View (at night you can see the lights of the Capital). We did a tasting and knew that if we bought 6 bottles we’d get 10% off, or a case was 20%, or 2 cases would get you into their club.

I have no need to be in a wine club that is 6 hours from my house, but we figured our Nebraska friend could do all the buying, we could venmo our portion, and she could reap the club benefits.

I’m grateful for my friends, for our history, for our ability to pick up where we left off, and hopeful for the future.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind being in a wine club right now as my husband has said liquor stores have been nuts lately! I usually don’t have wine at home and instead enjoy a glass or 2 when dining out. But dining out is off the table for awhile and I am in need of a glass of wine after a day of working/watching our son! Ha!

    I am glad you got one last trip in and got to introduce your boyfriend to a college friend!! Hope they are staying healthy – so tough to be a healthcare provider right now!!

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