43: Throw Back

Happy Spring Ahead, I wish coffee tasted good. It used to, when I ate this pancake two weekends ago coffee tasted great. And then last week I got sick. Just a little, but the recovery has been slow. I only had a fever/sick symptoms on Tuesday. But Wednesday – Saturday it was touch and go. I worked from home, ate saltines and plain chicken noodle soup, and drank full calorie 7up.

Two weekends ago I spent the weekend at home and felt on top of the world. The weather was just starting to change, and I was able to visit friends, attend a fundraiser for the City Park, and sleep in my old bed.

This past weekend my significant other’s parents were in town, so there was still a nervous stomach, but thankfully it went pretty well. Saturday we had a fish fry and relaxed. Sunday we went to church, went to cabelas, went to mill city museum, and then had early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (with dessert to go, so we could be sitting on the couch).

It was a full day, but good to spend time together as they live a few hours away so visits aren’t as frequent compared to how often I go to Aitkin.

This coming weekend I’ll be heading to Nebraska to visit a college friend (corona virus pending of course). It seems like the world is in a weird place right now. Twitter is full of news and not much fun, I know I need to wash my hands better than ever before, but I can’t determine what is a normal choice, or what is a safe choice, or what is the over-reacting choice.

What are your weekend plans lately? Have they changed with the corona virus fears?

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  1. I’m glad the weekend with your SO’s parents went well! That can be nerve wracking but I am sure they loved you! I hope you still feel comfortable about going to Nebraska. This virus has thrown the world into a weird place. I have to be more cautious than the average person as I’m in the high risk group since I’m on immune suppressant drugs for my RA. I was supposed to go to Chicago in a couple of weeks but the trip got cancelled as all non-essential travel has been cancelled at my company. I was leaning towards cancelling it anyways and my boss was totally supportive of that. I’m glad I didn’t have to make the decision in the end, though!

    Other than cancelling that trip, nothing about our lifestyle has changed. We haven’t stocked up on food or anything like that. I do have to bring my laptop home with me every day in case they have us work from home for a period of time.

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