45: Strikes

Hello from my Friday work from home lunch break. There was a brief moment on Sunday night where I thought I might get a post written but no such luck. I knew I would use this photo, but didn’t know what word to use as the title.

Saturday night a week and a day after Valentines day, I went out to dinner, which ended up including bowling because we were wasting time until meeting a friend for a beer at Excelsior Brewing. I hadn’t been before, but have had some of their beers. It’s a great spot, but we did end up with a parking ticket due to a mislabeled sign. So that put a bit of a damper on the night.

I also didn’t bowl my best as soreness from my workout earlier in the day was setting in. I went to my first A30 at alchemy, and when you tell someone the workout is “only” 30 minutes, they assume its not that bad…but my body was sore until this morning (Friday) of course there were a couple other workouts, but it was the Saturday workout I needed, and hope to attend more A30s in the future (as a bonus, those start at 10 am, so I can sleep in a bit).

This weekend I’m headed up north. But as always I’m not doing everything up there I would like to do. I will go to a friend’s birthday party, and meet a new munchkin, and hopefully stop by a fundraiser, but there are always more people to reach out to. And I feel guilty, but its just the way life works.

How do you work on accepting not completing everything you want?

Do you enjoy bowling? I assumed the place we were at was cheap, but turns out it wasn’t, so it might be a while before we go bowling again.

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  1. So nice that you are able to work from home! It’s nice to avoid the commute one day/week and be able to do chores like laundry if you’d like to!

    I do not enjoy bowling at all! I am terrible at it and I don’t really like doing things that I am bad at! And it does seem to get expensive with shoe rental + cost/game, etc.

    I struggled with the problem you described of not getting everything done when you are up north when I was living in charlotte and would come back to Minneapolis/the broader MN area. I ended up having to make trips home either family-focused or friend-focused. I just couldn’t seem to fit both in, especially since my parents are in the battle lake region, so I had a 3’ish hour drive each way and wasn’t close to where my friends live. It’s tough, though!!!

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