46: Open

….It is Thursday night, my goal is to post on Sunday mornings. I haven’t been particulary busy, but I think I was trying to avoid writing a Valentines Day post.

I’m not single this year, I’ve been dating someone for a while, but while he has been able to meet some friends and family, he’s not quite the social media type. So there won’t be much discussion on the blog about him for now.

We didn’t do the typical valentines day date, my grandparents were married on valentines day, so my family typically has an “our anniversary” dinner, and this year was no exception. He did get to come with, and met lots of family members. Saturday I had brunch with friends, which was great, and then while driving home and coughing, I ended up getting sick and was not in the mood to go out for dinner that night.

Sunday I was lazy, and Monday I made up for it by working out, visiting my grandparents/cousin, going for a walk, going to the grocery store, and then cooking bacon, chicken breasts, chopping all the veggies, quiche for week day breakfasts, and dinner for that night/lunch the next day.

Tuesday I went to bed at 7:30 pm, and Wednesday was 8:30 pm. Seeing as I’m typing this at 7:15 on Thursday, and I don’t have anything left to do for the night, the chances of me being in bed before 9 are pretty darn good.

I don’t have specific plans for the weekend, other than hopefully that Valentines date a week and a day after the actual day. I’m okay with that. I waited a long time to meet someone that felt like a good match for me, so I’m not worried about when our dates are.

So will there be a post on Sunday morning? Meh, maybe, maybe not. But thanks to a great friend this space is now back in the free wordpress.com world. So I hope there will still be weekly posts. I don’t see me stepping completely away quite yet. But things change, priorities shift, and maybe someday they’ll shift away from this space.

How open are you?

Do you say “fine” when someone asks how you are? Or do you tell them exactly what is on your mind?

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  1. I am really happy that you have met someone who is a good match for you! You are a catch so he is lucky to have found you! My husband is not a social media person either. He has a Facebook account but he rarely posts. He’s a super private person in general, but I do talk about him a little bit on the blog but try to respect his privacy.

    If someone asks me how I am, my answer depends on how well I know them. But 9 times out of 10 I say I am doing well, even if that isn’t really the case!

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