47: Sunrise

Yes last week’s post was Sunshine and now this week is Sunrise, but whatever, in the winter I take all the sun I can get! I am still not feeling 100%, and it is annoying! I am not “sick” so there is no point in going to the doctor. I’ve got a little cough and it flares up just enough for me to be irritated. I have been lucky enough to get some solo sunrises from my office last week. With my coworkers working from home a few days a week, I might have 2 hours in the office before anyone else gets in. Usually I’m super productive, but sometimes I do take a minute to enjoy the view.

Saturday I had three events with friends, and while I love the time spent with all of them, I was very tired in the morning. Instead of going out and enjoying the fresh snow and sunshine, I headed the warnings of twitter about the road conditions and stayed in Sunday morning.

Finally this afternoon I ran to the grocery store and shoveled a bit. After phones calls with my family its time to watch some Oscars red carpet and relax before going into Monday!

What is your week like? Would you schedule three things on a Saturday?

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  1. Oof. 3 things on one day doesn’t really happen anymore. Sometimes I schedule 2 things and that is a lot! 3 things over a weekend is too much, too. Life is different with a kid. Pre-Paul I planned way more!

    Glad you got a quieter start to the day. I hope you kick your cold soon! Coughs are worst as they can linger for so dang long.

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