48: Sunshine

Something magical happened this weekend, the sun came out!! It has been so darn cloudy every day that it felt like walking through a fog (plus I’m still coughing and not recovered from the cold that just won’t quit). I skipped my lunch break walks last week hoping that a break from the cold air would help me recover faster, but couldn’t skip being outside in the sunshine on Saturday.

Since today is ground hog’s day maybe we really will have spring coming our way, but too many late season snowstorms have made me more apprehensive and less hopeful. On Saturday I spent a little time re-learning the ice fishing ropes, and then headed to Crosby for lunch at the Iron Ranger in Crosby. Dining out anywhere in cabin country in the summer usually means there’s going to be quite the wait, but we arrived at 1 pm and got one of the last tables available, which was surprising for a winter weekend. The food was great, and after we decided to head to Nisswa.

Since I’m friends with someone who grew up in Wisconsin, the Lakes Area for him has only been seen through work meetings, not for vacation/weekend fun. We ended up buying rollerblades super on sale since we are considering the In-Line Half Marathon in September of 2020. Naturally we also had to stop at Big Axe for a beer to celebrate our purchase.

It was a good relaxing day, and I look forward to more weekends up north, learning new things (like the joy of fishing) and also sharing some of my favorite places.

What did you do in the sunshine this weekend?

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  1. I was so so so so happy to see the sun after that long overcast stretch! We spent so much time outside this weekend. My husband and I each took our son for a walk both days, separately, so the other parent could have some downtime in the house. It was so nice to take super long walks and not worry about our little guy getting too cold!

    Your time up north sounded great! I have a been the big axe brewery! We went there for lunch when we did a girls cabin weekend in the Nisswa. It was a cute spot! Since you’ve gone up north with the guy you are dating, that much mean he has met your family? Exciting!!

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