50 / 49: Singapore Recap

I tried to post from my phone but that draft as apparently fully disappeared. Instead of writing a little bit about the last two weeks, I’m writing as much as a recap as I can, but let me know if you have specific questions. First things first, my aunt and uncle happen to live in Singapore for work right now, so my mom and I decided to visit. I had never been to Asia, and my mom went to Asia back when she worked for Northwest prior to getting married (before I existed). We flew Delta “premium select” which I highly recommend if you’re on a long flight (it helped that we didn’t have hotel costs once we arrived).

The above photo is The Raffles Hotel: the hotel where the drink Singapore Sling apparently originated. We did not wait in line to get a drink, but did wander around as it is beautiful. Me in Haji Lane, the most instagrammable street I’ve ever walked on. The Marina Bay Sands mall, with a floating river inside, we didn’t spend much time here, and the shopaholic in me would have walked every single floor, not bought a thing, and been very happy. And finally one of the temples in Chinatown.

Our first day we got acclimated to my aunt’s neighborhood with a bike ride, and then explored the botanical gardens. This is where the humidity got me. I wasn’t temperature warm, but every part of me was slightly damp. If Florida in August is 100 heat and 80 percent humidity, Singapore is the opposite, it may be “only 80” but the humidity is 99 percent. You’d think it was raining, but nope, it is just humid. For dinner we experience their “food court” we visited Lau Pa Sat, ate chicken, beef, and prawn satay, and a few other treats before walking to the MerLion. Which was smaller than I expected, but still interesting to see.

Our second day was filled with walking about 6 miles, but thankfully we are a walking family and dressed for it. We explored Haji Lane and the surrounding area, it was amazing to see so many different cultures as you walk from neighborhood to neighborhood. While we were there, everyone was prepping for Chinese or Lunar New Year, and with it being the year of the rat, there were lots of seasonal decorations all over.

On our third day we walked through the tree tops in a neighborhood that the travel guides did not tell me about, but thats the benefit of visiting someone who lives in the city you’re exploring. We also stopped by the grocery store where they gave me a sample of the Chinese New Year salad kit they were selling, it was delicious, but it made me laugh that they served the salad with 2 toothpicks to act as chopsticks instead of a mini fork. In the evening we ventured to Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens By The Bay. These light displays were all free to watch, and beautiful! Prior to the light displays, but not pictured my mom and I went to the top of Marina Bay Sands (the hotel that looks like it has a ship on top, featured at the end of Crazy Rich Asians) and had a glass of wine while admiring the view. It was definitely the most touristy experience of our trip, but we enjoyed it.

On our final day we finally got to Chinatown, I got lunch from the Anthony Bourdain recommended Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. It was good, although it doesn’t photograph well, the sauce it was served with was good and spicy and really made the dish.

Our last night was spent on a boat tour, where we learned a little more about the importance of the ports in Singapore, the pirating that still exists, and got a great view of the Marina Bay Sands. We were up at 4 am to fly home on Wednesday, and the bottom right photo is the waterfall that is inside the airport. Unfortunately because it was so early we weren’t able to see it very well.

And as I posted on Instagram, we flew from Singapore to South Korea, we had a scheduled 4 hour layover, and thought that our flight was delayed an extra hour. Unfortunately it was actually delayed 13 hours, and then 15 hours, and the 17 hours, and then they finally gave us a new flight number and a departure of 3:15 Thursday afternoon. Which meant that instead of getting back to Minnesota Wednesday at 4 pm, we would arrive on Thursday at noon. I knew there was no way I could get out of customs in time to work a half day, so I had to take another vacation day, and at least that meant I only worked on Friday last week. But now I’m staring down 5 full days, and am a little nervous.

How long does it take you to get back into the swing of things after vacation?

Any specific questions for me about the trip?


  1. WOW, Katie! Sounds like an incredible trip! I probably would have gotten a little stressed out with the layover BUT were you guys able to leave the airport at all and see anything while you were delayed? Also, what would you say was your weirdest meal of the trip? When I think of Singapore and food I think of being served fish for breakfast! Bahaha!

  2. What an incredible trip! I was wondering how you picked Singapore and now it makes sense since you have family there. So nice that you flew in more premium seats. Much better than coach! I have only flown coach for international flights and it is pretty brutal, especially for someone like me who doesn’t sleep well!

    Singapore’s airport was featured in a segment on amazing airports. It looks pretty crazy and so different from what we have here with all the outdoor elements.

    It takes me awhile to recover from international travel or longer trips like to Hawaii. The more time zones, the harder time I have getting back on schedule. I find the ‘day/time zone change’ recovery estimate to be pretty accurate for me. I hope you are feeling like yourself again!

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