51: Clean

Thank you to winter cold that won’t quit for not only making me a day late to type this post, but also making me mistakenly title last week’s post 1, when it should have been 52.

All week last week I had a slightly runny nose, nothing dramatic, but over the weekend my head felt like it was a balloon about to burst, with thick lime green snot. I knew things were desperate when I wasn’t interested in dinner Saturday or Sunday.

I decided to spare my coworkers the sound of my nose blowing, throat clearing, and general gunk removal and worked from home today (Monday). Saturday before I started the downward spiral I took the time to do some cleaning around the house. And I’m hoping it was actual cleaning and not germ spreading? But given that I fly to Singapore on Thursday, I probably won’t know until I get back and am extremely jet-lagged.

So will there be a post on Sunday next week? Maybe? Maybe not? As always, social media tends to have my most recent updates, although here is where the longer thoughts and feelings are laid out.

Here’s to continuing into 2020, even if the first week or so hasn’t gone as planned.


    1. I really thought I had mentioned this trip a lot, and yet I seem to be getting lots of texts from people being surprised! But yes, I’ll only have 4 days there, but will be gone a full week with the fly time.

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