2: Walking

I’m just now realizing that today is the first Sunday of 2020, so last week should have been zero? Who knows.

I went on a walk on New Years day, and Thursday and Friday. And it felt good! I considered bringing back the workout recap posts for 2020, to help me stay committed to my goals. I also went to yoga and Orange Theory, and I am thankful that I have the time to include those things in my schedule.

I didn’t workout on Saturday, or today (Sunday) but I plan on getting my walk during my lunch break, and hope to go to yoga after work. I saw a photo of myself that I didn’t love. I loved the moment, but didn’t feel that my physical self was reflecting how I want to portray myself. It was a photo from the summer, so I’m hoping that by this coming summer I have made a few changes.

I know that physical activity isn’t the only piece of the puzzle, but I also know that I enjoy walks and yoga and orange theory, so I’m going to try to increase that frequency a bit while also being more aware of the other choices I make.

How do you plan to achieve your goals? Is it one thing you want to do consistently? Or a few things that will combine to achieve a greater goal? Are you running to get there as soon as possible? or walking along the path and seeing what you can pick up along the way?

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  1. I’m not thrilled with how I look right now either. Photos are always eye opening. I see myself in the mirror every day and think I look fine and then I see a photo and think – ok, we need to rein in the eating and be more active. For me it’s all about tracking things, so I am focusing on tracking workouts and getting 3/week. I would like to do more some day but 3 is the right number for this phase of life. I look forward to spring and summer when more can be done outside!!

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