2019 Recap

The year is done and a lot of changes came! I don’t know what 2020 will bring, but I am taking the time to write down my favorite thing from each month. Please remember, this is a highlight reel. I didn’t write about the ugly stuff, the hard stuff, or the stuff I wished would go away. Instead I wrote about the good things. Some months there were multiple good things, but I picked one and moved on.

January: My highlight was getting invited to a very fun 5th Birthday! As more and more of my friends have children and I was single for the last few years, I start to wonder how my friendships will change. So being included in this celebration for a friend’s kiddo was very special.

February: I went to Fort Myers Beach to visit my family, it sounds like my 2020 trip will be at the end of April just for a weekend. Maybe Minnesota will feel like Spring by then, but maybe not.

March: The celebration of my cousin Abi’s birthday, this came a few months after she passed away, but it was good to see family that I hadn’t seen in a while.

April: I got a new job/left my old job!

May: I hosted a Kentucky Derby Party! And decided that I should attempt to host more parties at my condo.

June: Work trip to New Jersey and then a road trip to Milwaukee.

July: Started going on dates with someone very nice.

August: Bought a new car!

September: Went to Aspen with my mom!

October: Saw a Badger game in Madison, started liking Old Fashioneds.

November: Went to Duluth for Bentleyville, arrived as it was closing, and power walked as the lights were turned off.

December: Introduced the person I’m dating to my family. (When will he make a blog appearance? not for a long while).

1. What makes this year unforgettable?

Starting my new job!

2. What did you enjoy doing this year?

This year was finding the new normal. With a shorter commute and more flexible hours I have the ability to do more things, and yet I’m not sure if I’m actually doing more.

3. What/who is the one thing/person you’re grateful for?

My family. While they may drive me crazy, they also will support me as I try to figure out what fits best in my life. (This has been my answer every year, and I’m grateful that it can continue to be my answer). 

4. What’s your biggest win this year?

Getting the new job. It was a long process, but the wait was worth it. And that is also true in my dating life, it has been a long wait, but it seems that the wait may be worth it.

5. What did you read/watch/listen to that made the most impact this year?

2019 I really dove deeper into podcasts. I also am reading lots of non-fiction on the kindle. My family has the prime account for kindle, and it is worth it! There’s plenty of variety in the books available, sometimes it takes a while to find a good one, but I’m typically happy about what I find.

6. What did you worry about most and how did it turn out?

I worry about everything. While I know that I spend within my means, I’m often worrying about my budget. I tracked every dollar I spent this year, and going into 2020 I will be comparing how much I spent each month in each category.

7. What was your biggest regret and why?

I haven’t put a ton of effort into my health/wellness. I go to Orange Theory regularly, and stop into Alchemy or Corepower occasionally. I cook dinner for myself and pack my lunch most days, but my weight has been stable-ish. I am hoping in 2020 to hone in on my choices and find the best path for myself.

8. What’s one thing that you changed about yourself?

Are you sick of me saying I got a new job? Because I got a new job!

9. What surprised you the most this year?

How things really started to click once I had the new job. I knew I wasn’t happy, but things in other areas of life started to improve once I was in the new place of employment.

10. If you could go back to last January 1, what suggestions would you give your past self?

Good things take time (just like I said the last two years). I am not sure how I combine worrying with impatience, but it sure drives me crazy. I wish I would slow the internal dialogue and let things happen.

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  1. I know the feeling of being so happy to have a new and different job. I’ve been through that a couple of times. The job I have right now is so perfect for me. I have no desire to look for another job/change jobs. I’ll stay there as long as they’ll have me (hopefully for the long haul but you never know what will happen in financial services!)

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