1: Outside

As 2019 closes I find myself going on semi-regular outdoor walks again. The weather this December has been all over the board, some early snow, some normal cold, and now rain this weekend. Before I drove up north for Christmas I got a quick walk in, once I got back from Christmas I took another walk. I like the fresh air, and the bit of sunshine.

A friend of mine just signed up for a triathlon that I’ve competed in before. Another friend has been discussing 2020 workout goals, and there’s a chance I’ll be signing up for the rollerblade half marathon in Duluth. Which means I will find myself outside more often, still working out at Orange Theory, because I like the structure of their workouts, but as well planned as they are, I need some of that solo workout time to test my own endurance and determination.

I don’t know that I’ll ever get quite to where I was back in the coaching dance, teaching yoga, and triathlon training on the side days. But for now I can be happy with walking a few loops in the winter sun and being thankful for what I have and where I am. I couldn’t have imagined my 2020 life, and from I’ve seen in the last 6 months of 2019, life will always give me a few surprises.

What is your perfect Winter weather?

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  1. I’ve been loving the mild weather we’ve had lately. The week before Christmas was probably my ideal weather. There was snow on the ground but it was in the 30s so perfect weather for stroller walks. I was not a fan of the rain as you know rain is going to turn to ice eventually! The roads were definitely icy this morning on our way to daycare/work!

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